Thrive Outdoors
Your Way in the Wild... And Anywhere.

The three partners that started this company (two brothers and a best friend), have over 50 years of wilderness survival, human service, and everyday survival training under their collective belts. Through scientific study, lived experience, and real-life testing, they have developed a set of principles and curriculum that can be taught to almost anyone, almost anywhere, and help teach participants how to: Cope with stress, become true leaders, reset their thinking, and prioritize for almost any situation. They also decided to offer cool products and fun outdoor adventure that, when purchased by you, helps support other great causes. This company was developed from years and years of thought, love, and living. We hope you enjoy what we have to offer and decide to support Thrive Outdoors for life, as we are committed to finding ways to bring calm to everyone, one adventure at a time...

Mission Statement:

Thrive Outdoors’ mission is to become a national leader in life navigation training, stress reduction programming, and nature education focused on building stronger, more self-sufficient people, teaching acceptance and tolerance, creating stewards of the earth, and conserving land for future generations through revolutionary leadership and survival curriculum.

Our Promise:

Thrive Outdoors promises to find innovative ways, both through company giving and outside gifts, to provide programming to any who desire it (through our scholarship program). We want to be able to offer these programs to anyone, regardless of ability or socio-economic status

Our Belief:

We believe that there is a healing quality to testing yourself in a natural setting and that these skills, coupled with the confidence one gains while acquiring them, can be life changing.

Our Values:

Thrive Outdoors emphasizes in its entire curriculum; compassion, leadership, self-worth, and confidence. We strive to show each individual we encounter that they can do more than they ever believed and that they, themselves, are what should be valued most.

Our Vision:

Thrive Outdoors vision is to offer sustainable programing to all, with an emphasis on our mission and values, for as long as there is a need or desire. We will treat our employees, students, partner agencies, and the earth with respect and dignity, and set a positive example of caring, stewardship, and self-worth for generations to come.